Family Court Support Program

Family CourtĀ Support Program

The Family Court Support Program works to facilitate victims of domestic violence, in the understanding of the Family Court System, ensuring access to supports needed at every stage of the court process.

The Family Court Support Program can:hands of child and father on wheat field

  • Give you clear information about the Court process, the many services at Court, Legal Aid, and how to find a lawyer
  • Help you stay safe while you deal with your legal matters
  • Help to document the abuse you experienced; for the Court proceeding
  • Go with you through the Court process to help you understand Court proceedings and plan your next steps
  • Assist in applying for emergency custody and access orders
  • Assist in applying for Restraining Orders or Peace Bonds
  • Help you connect with community services and supports, such as housing, counselling, social assistance, access to food, support for your children and more

Access this service if:

  • You have left an abusive relationship
  • You are in any stage of the Family Court process
  • You need guidance/support in navigating the Family Court Process

The Family Court Support Program is available by appointment during regular office hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm)

This program does not offer legal advice and is not intended to replace advice from a lawyer.